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����good morning, professors! it��s my great honor to be here for your interview and i hope i can make a good performance today. my name is wang xxxx, 27 years old. i was born in xx, gansu province. my hometown is small, but very beautiful. what��s more, it��s famous for apple, if there is a chance i will bring some for you to have a taste! in the year of 20xx, i entered lanzhou jiaotong university. during those four years�� study, i worked hard and gained much knowledge. i��m an independent person with a strong sense of responsibility. i also like team-games: i often play basketball and football with my friends in my spare time. in 20xx, i graduated from my mother university and stated to work for china railway 12th bureau group��the first branch. as an assistant engineer, i was in charge of roadbed construction. it��s unforgettable to me for the first day when i went to work and lived with workers. i was so excited and nervous. i knew it deeply that our work had a close relationship with the masses�� life. i tried my best to ensure the quality of the constructions. but there was something not very good. the place we lived was far away from people, and we had no weekends and festivals. the only recreation was playing cards with workers. the most wonderful thing was communicating with foreign supervisors, in fact, i was just a listener. i��m not good at oral english although i had passed cet 4 when i was a sophomore. i always believe that one will lag behind unless he keeps learning. so i do think there is a long way to go, i��ll keep improving my oral and listening ability. with time going on, the more i experienced, the clearer i realized that i am really interested in my major and it��s necessary to broaden my horizons. i know what i had learned is not enough for my work, so, i��m eager to learn more and i hope i can further my study in shenzhen university. after i made this decision, i studied hard during my spare time. after about 3 months�� hard work, i��m finally standing before your honorable professors now. i��m looking forward to making a solid foundation for future career after 3 years�� study here.

����that��s all about me. thanks for your attention!

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